Governor's Office

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Accession No.Service ProvidedStandard of Service Provision (Hours/ Days/ Weeks)
01.Redeployment of retired officers in service on contract basis1 Day
02.Approval to travel out of the country1 Day
03.Appointment, attachment, transfers, releasing and appointment to acting position of officers to positions which have Governor as the appointing authority1 Day
04.Affairs relating to naming of roads (in Local Government Authorities)1 Dat
05.Bearing expenses from the Sabha Funds (in Local Government Authorities)1 Day
06.Affairs relating to land transfer.1 Day
07.Affairs relating to procurement appealing3 Day
08.Performance evaluation affairs of Chief Secretary, Secretaries to the ministries, Assistant Secretaries and other officers1 Day
09.Providing Approval for Board of Ministers’ Decisions1 Day
10.Providing funds for religious places of worship1 Month
11.Appointment of Chairman and committee members to the Public Service Commission of the Western Province1 Day
12. Providing Governor’s assent to adopt all the circulars1 Day
13.Affairs relating to Trade Union requests1 Day
14.Providing assent to the Annual Financial Statement1 Day
15.Providing assent to Supplementary Estimates1 Day
16.Recommending statutes relevant to the province to be presented to the Council3 Days
17.Taking measures on public requests and appeals2 Weeks
18.Taking action in relation to reports sent from the Presidential Investigations Unit2 Weeks
19.Affairs relating to Governors’ Forum7 Days
20.Meetings conducted with Provincial Ministerial Secretaries and Deputy Chief Secretaries, informing the decisions of such meetings7 Days
21.Providing approval for the by-laws of Local Government Authorities2 Days
22.Appointing Director Board Members and Chairmen of statutory bodies of Western Provincial Council1 Day
23.Affairs relating to shop rent, rates and acreage tax3 Days
24.Affairs relating to misuse of lands of Local Government Authorities2 Weeks
25.Affairs relating to exemption from Entertainment Tax1 Day
26.Hon. Governor providing decisions as the Head of Establishments for establishment affairs of all the officers of Provincial Public Service and employees2 Days
27.Acting on representations received in relation to special developmental programs2 Days
28.Providing decisions on appeals against disciplinary orders of officers of the Western Provincial Public Service2 Months
29.Take action relating to letters received from all the ministries, departments/institutions of the Western Provincial Council2 Weeks
30.Review on audit inquiries of National Audit Department relevant to the ministries, departments/ institutions of the Western Provincial Council2 Months
31.Calling for investigation reports on corruption and malpractices and other complaints and conducting further affairs2 Months
32.Taking measures on audit inquiries relating to the Governor’s Office2 Weeks
33.Considering the appeals relating to inter-provincial transfers2 Weeks
34.Affairs relating to the Ranaviru Seva Adhikariya2 Months
35.Calling up and coordination of emergency meetings relating to Dengue eradication, Covid-19, epidemics, emergency situations3 Days
36.Taking further measures on newspaper articles relating to the Western Provincial Council1 Week
37.Payment of various allowances, charges and providing approval1 Day
38.Providing approval for all the recruitments/ appointments1 Day
39.Approving recruitment procedures2 Days
40.Having conducted field observations of development schemes forwarded to the Hon. Governor from various parties, reporting to Hon. Governor about their suitability2 Days
41.While providing recommendations for the development schemes identified through field observations, forwarding them for Hon. Governor’s approval2 Days
42.Having informed the Hon. Governor about the development schemes presented by Ministries, providing observations and recommendations for suitable projects and submitting for approval2 Days
43.Having informed the Hon. Governor about the development schemes presented by Ministries, providing observations and recommendations for suitable projects and submitting for approval1 Day
44.Presenting the progress of special projects, which are being implemented according to the Provincial Development Plan, to Hon. Governor through field observations and carrying out relevant coordination affairs2 Days
45.Organizing the meetings conducted by the chairmanship of Hon. Governor with regard to Provincial Development plan and providing reports and notes2 Days