Governor's Office

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Secretary to the Governor Message

The office of the Governor of the Western province of Sri Lanka operates as the Head office and is committed to carry out the responsibilities and discharge the duties entrusted with the Governor as the Head of the Western province provincial council.

The vision of this office stands as “To be an excellent center in providing guidance for productive administration of the provincial council”. This vision is woven around the Central Government and the Provincial Council.

In order to achieve the above vision our Mission is “To ensure the provision of effective customer service in the Western province within the legal framework and contribute to sustainable development through direction, supervision and monitoring” for sustainable development of the territory. Our sole ambition is to address the identified objectives and values of our vision by adapting modern technology for effective implementation of the client/customer convention.

This web path specifies the authority and responsibility vested in the Governor in accordance with the 13th amendment of the Constitution and the Provincial Council Act No 42 of 1987 and also the Governor as the Director General in discharging the duties for the provincial public service, facilitating public and local authorities in obtaining the desired information.

While thanking all those who are involved in operating the Western Province Provincial Council administrative machinery and who designed the web site. I wish sincerely that our efforts will benefit Sri Lankans goal in the process of marching forward towards “Good Governance” uniqueness.