Governor's Office

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Functions currently performed by the Governor’s Office under the guidance and instructions given by the Hon. Governor include the following.

  1. Functions required under the 13th amendment to the constitution of 1978 and Provincial Council Act No 42 of 1987.
  2. Administrative activities.
  3. Procurement Work.
  4. Service matters of Provincial Public Service.
  5. Approval for Teachers to travel overseas.
  6. Issue of Gazette notices on acting appointments.
  7. Approval of relevant Cabinet decisions for the implementation in the western province appointments.
  8. Monitoring special projects implemented in the Western Province.
  9. Staff training activities.
  10. Attending to appeals on disciplinary decisions.
  11. Attending to Trade Union matters.
  12. Granting approval for fees and other additional payments.
  13. Preparation of an Annual Administrative Report.