Governor's Office

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Ensure implementation of legal authority provided to the Provincial Council system in accordance with the Provincial Council Act and under the 13th amendment to the Constitution of 1978.

  1. Prepare a Manual for preparation of statutes and other legal matters.
  2. Issue guidelines to Secretarial staff on approval of statutes.

Maintain an efficient Provincial Public Service.

  1. Conduct progress review meetings with Provincial Heads.
  2. Review training programs conducted by Provincial Training Institutions.
  3. Establish a system to award scholarships to Officers after assessing their professional qualifications.
  4. Prepare a Disciplinary code for the Provincial Public Service Sector.
  5. Establish an investigation Unit under the Secretary to the Hon. Governor.
  6. Review implementation of official language policy in the Province.

Ensure an efficient Administration and Financial System at Western Province Governor’s Office.

  1. Prepare a financial code for the office.
  2. Prepare an Administration Manual.
  3. Prepare check list for all important subjects.
  4. Update the web site with procedures and relevant form’s on important subjects.
  5. Introduce a systematic method of computerizing daily tapol.
  6. Improve office systems and services to achieve ISO standard.

Becoming a people friendly excellent organization.

  1. Conducting mobile services at district level annually.
  2. Conduct Governors’ Secretaries meetings quarterly.
  3. Public Day held on Mondays with the attendance of the Hon. Governor and other heads of institutions to meet the public who require assistance to their problems.