About Us


Governor’s Office is considered as the landmark in the field of administration of the Western Provincial Council System. The Hon. Governor provides his guidance in creating connectivity between the Provincial Council and the Central Government and for proper implementation of the activities in the Ministries, Departments and the Institutes in the province. Strengthening the Secretariat of the Governor has greatly impacted on the performance of the other institutes established in the province.

Our Vision

To be on excellent center in providing guidance for productive productive administration of the provincial council

Our Mission

To ensure provision of effective customer service in the western province within the legal framework and contribute to sustainable, development through direction, supervising and Monitoring.

Our Values

All activities performed by the Governor’s Office are carried out in a transparent manner.

Customers seeking our assistance are provided with the required services to their utmost satisfaction.

All services are provided in cost effective way meeting necessary requirements of time and accuracy.

Staff members have a high commitment to provide an effective service.

Services provided by the Governor’s Office are of high quality within the legal frame work

In dealing with public our officers behave in a very polite manner

All requests received are attended promptly.

At All time our office environment is maintained in an attractive manner

All services are provided in cost effective way meeting necessary requirements of me and accuracy.

Our officers attend to the needs of people in a friendly manner.

Staffs maintain confidentiality of information in respect of all matters and all Mons