Graduate teachers were appointed in the western province according to their merits

Graduate teachers were appointed in the western province according to their merits without any political influences, said Western Province Governor A.J.M.Muzammil in Colombo on Thursday.

The governor was speaking at the Annual Prize-Giving of the Susamayawardhana Vidyalaya held at the New Town Hall on Thursday.

Muzammil, who was the Chief Guest at the event, distributed the awards to the students and teachers  in the presence of parents, well-wishers, teachers and students of the school. School Principal W. A.K. Weerasooriya delivered the welcome address at the ceremony.

Addressing a packed audience of students, parents and teachers of the school, Muzammil pointed out that during the selection of graduate teachers to the schools in the western province, the teachers were appointed only on their own competitive skills based on the  standard of education to offer the best education to the students in the province.

He pointed out that there are 1,200 schools  against 362 national schools in the province. “ We have the highest number of students and  teachers in our western province , therefore, we have a greater responsibility,” he added. He lamented that the number of commerce  graduate applicants  exceeded the teachers’ requirements in the western province schools.

The governor urged the students to gear their education according to the market needs of the country so that they can be absorbed into various cadres where employment opportunities are available. Stressing the importance of vocational education in schools, the governor said the students should be guided to select suitable courses of studies not only according to their aptitudes but also according to the market needs of the society.

Muzammil also told the students to give priority to their respective religious and cultural values during their school career.

He told the students that as much as the students give priority to education, they should also give preference to their respective religious education. “ Education is more useful to the  society provided there are religious values,” the governor said, pointing out that most of the schools are built near worshipping  places  so that religion and education go parallel with each other in life.